• We are Agile Droids

    Boutique Disruptive Digital Agency!

  • We will audit your sales funnel, processes, UX and marketing

    Digital strategy and cost optimisation

  • Websites, e-commerce, social media, content marketing, digital performance design focused on results

    Full scope marketing outsourcing

  • Get sales automation tools with dedicated team of specialists

    B2B Sales outsourcing

We are driven by analytics.

Who We Are

Together we have 50 years of experience in inventing, prototyping, testing and developing various products and services. We are data/facts driven group of people who likes to use modern tools and methodologies. We help our customers expand business and build better customer experience by applying lean startup tactics. We work with startups and corporations.

Step no. 1



Based on Design Thinking approach - empathize with our client needs, define root problems.

Step no. 2



Define possible solutions, build Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - a functional prototype

Step no. 3



Define goals, measure results and launch

Step no. 4



Learn on results. Not happy? Introduce changes (pivot) to your solution

Our approach

We save your money and time

This is what we love to do.

Areas of Expertise


We specialise in strategy, marketing and sales. We have practical business understanding. We can help you launch startup / business, modify or optimise product / service or conquer new market.


Not happy with your marketing results or maybe you spend too much? In 1 week we can audit your activities and prepare suggestions what should be changed. Hire us as your new CMO!

B2B Sales

Launch your new lead generation campaign using multiple sales automation tools in days not months - cheaper and 4x more effective than hiring dedicated sales representative


We offer UX for mobile and websites, forms conversion rate optimisation, performance campaigns graphics design e.g. banners, landing pages etc. We have also 15 years of experience in BTL design and DTP.

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